Custom Earmolds and Earplugs


What to expect:

During this visit we make an ear impression of your ear if you choose to have custom ear protectors, swim plugs and/or musician monitors. Your audiologist will inspect your ear canals to ensure that it is free or debris/cerumen. If your ear canals appear to be appropriate to proceed with the ear impression, your audiologist will insert a foam eardam in the ear canal in order to protect the tympanic membrane from getting in contact with the ear impression material. Once this is done, an impression material will be injected in the ear canal to fill the spaces. The impression material hardens after a few minutes and this is removed when it is ready. You will temporarily feel blockage in the ear during this process. Your ear impression will be sent to the manufacturer to make your custom earpiece. Normal delivery time is about 2 weeks. Rush order are available with additional fees.

It is extremely important to inform your audiologist if you have had ear surgery in the past prior to having an ear impression.