Aural Rehabilitation

The first step with successful hearing aid use is the rehabilitation process. It involves more than purchasing hearing aids. The first time you wear hearing aids, you will hear new sounds that you have not heard in a while. You are learning to hear again. Your brain need to learn to process these sounds. Sounds that you have not heard for some time will sound different and unfamiliar. Adjustment varies from one person to another. Some can adjust in a short period while others take longer. Everyone is unique in their own way and adjusts differently. Success with hearing aid use can be accomplished in gradual steps. It is imperative to wear your hearing device daily. Hearing well again is can lead to many positive things in life. Hearing well again is a process and we are here to assist you with your journey.


clEAR™ is an auditory training program that is unique. It provides auditory training in an entertaining, game-like format. These games include a slot machine, concentration cards, and a game mimicking the popular smartphone app, Candy Crush. cLEAR teaches hearing-loss patients to recognize speech and to improve hearing amidst noise, doing so in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and affordable.


Lace (Listening and Communication Enhancement) is a computerized program designed to improve listening and communication skills. Interactive training consists of 20 sessions for four weeks. The user spends 30 minutes a day on this self-paced program which can be completed at home. Training exercises are aimed to enhance auditory memory and processing. Your audiologist will discuss compensatory strategies in improving communication skills and good communication habits and counseling for patients, family and significant others.