Coming to Terms with Your Hearing Loss

Coming to Terms with Your Hearing Loss

In Family & Relationships, Hearing Loss by Roselynn Gamboa Young, Au.D., CCC-A

Roselynn Gamboa Young, Au.D., CCC-A

Realizing that you have hearing loss can be difficult, particularly for those who incur hearing loss through the natural process of aging. When this type of hearing loss occurs, a person is faced not only with the reality of getting older but also with the realization that the natural hearing ability that has been lost will not come back.

The sadness and frustration that accompany this kind of hearing loss can be too much for some people to bear, and many refuse to admit that they have lost some of their hearing ability. This first phase of coming to terms with hearing loss—denial—can lead to many other problems, including social frustrations and even arguments.

Rather than going down the path of denial, there are steps you can take to come to terms with the fact of hearing loss. If you have the sense that your hearing is compromised, take these tips to heart. On the other hand, if you have a loved one who seems to be losing their hearing, these pointers can help you make the necessary steps toward a solution.

An Honest Assessment

When it comes to hearing loss, you are the only person who knows what you experience. Although others might get a sense of the situations that make hearing difficult, they don’t know what is going on inside your own mind. If you have trouble admitting to yourself that you are struggling to hear, then you will not be able to tell others about it.

The first step is one of honest reflection with yourself. Did you have trouble carrying on a conversation in a noisy room five or ten years ago? If many people are talking at once, has it become difficult to understand what the person in front of you is saying? Are you unaware of the quiet sounds that used to delight you outdoors, such as birds, crickets, or frogs in the summer? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, the next step is clear. You have to admit at least the possibility that hearing loss may be happening. Of course, this admission doesn’t mean that you have no solutions nor that you will always feel this way!

Communicating Your Experience

Once you admit that it is possible your hearing abilities have changed, it is not enough to sit with that knowledge. If you keep the knowledge of your hearing loss to yourself, you can be sure that your closest loved ones have noticed, as well. Frustrations can build to a point of disagreements, miscommunication, and even strained relationships. Instead of allowing hearing loss to come between you and your loved ones, open up the lines of communication with them. Admitting to your loved one that you have been having trouble hearing in certain situations will build the connection between you and make it possible to seek solutions together. On the other hand, if you are the loved one of someone who seems to have hearing loss, be sure to choose the right context to open up a conversation. In the moment when hearing loss becomes evident is most likely the wrong time to discuss the problem. Wait until a quite time to raise the issues you have observed and then ask your loved one to report their own feelings, experience, and thoughts.

Seeking Hearing Solutions

Once you and your loved ones have been able to talk about the possibility of hearing loss, the next steps are clear. You simply need to make an appointment for a hearing examination and consultation to find out if you are indeed suffering from hearing loss, what kind it is, and how severe it has become.

Roseville Diagnostic Hearing Center

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