All About Bluetooth Hearing Aids

All About Bluetooth Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aids by Roselynn Gamboa Young, Au.D., CCC-A

Roselynn Gamboa Young, Au.D., CCC-A

You may already be familiar with Bluetooth technology. But did you know that there are Bluetooth hearing aids? Hearing aids, similar to most electronic devices today, have experienced so much exciting advancements in recent years. Today’s hearing aids offer such a range of features and technologies that bring hearing aids into the increasingly digital age that we live in. Bluetooth enabled hearing aids are a savvy innovation that increases connectivity and sound quality – expanding what hearing aids are able to do. Investing in Bluetooth hearing aids can optimally support your hearing while navigating everyday environments and activities. 

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

We use numerous electronic devices on a daily basis. From your smartphone, to laptop, tablet, and headphones – electronic devices are a major way we engage in a number of activities. Many of these devices use Bluetooth technology so you may already be familiar with it. This technology allows devices to pair or connect so that they share data between them. One can then stream audio directly from the other device that it is connected to. 

Most devices are Bluetooth enabled which allows us to talk on the phone, listen to our favorite podcast, project something from our phone to the TV etc. There are hearing aids that also maximize Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth hearing aids have a t-coil (telecoil) feature which is embedded in the hearing aid. When enabled, this t-coil receives FM signals from a Bluetooth source (phone, TV, etc.). This facilitates the hearing aid receiving sound waves directly from the audio source it is connected to. Once the hearing aid receives these signals, it is able to adjust and manipulate the signals in specific ways (as programmed by a hearing healthcare specialist) that meet your hearing needs. So audio from a TV or phone is adjusted by your hearing aid which delivers sound in ways you can best hear and process. 

What Bluetooth Hearing Aids Can Do 

Bluetooth hearing aids are able to connect with many audio sources. This makes it convenient and easy to do a number of activities including the following: 

  • Watching TV: an activity you may engage in daily is watching a show or movie on your TV. Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to TV’s that also utilize Bluetooth technology. This allows your hearing aid to directly receive sound signals from the TV, change them to meet your hearing needs, and deliver them to your inner ear with greater sound quality. This eliminates feedback from TV speakers and allows you to adjust the volume to suit your preferences which prevents you from arguing with loved ones on how loud the TV should be!
  • Talking on the Phone: talking on the phone when you have hearing loss can be tough. Having conversations over the phone while wearing hearing aids can produce unpleasant feedback. Bluetooth hearing aids alleviate this by directly connecting to your phone and streaming audio directly, allowing people to comfortably chat on the phone and clearly hear what is being said. 
  • Listening to Music and Podcasts: Bluetooth hearing aids also allow you to listen to music and podcasts conveniently and comfortably as well. You can do without using headphones. 

These daily activities are much easier and convenient with Bluetooth hearing aids. This offers a number of benefits in everyday life. 


Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids help meet hearing needs in everyday environments. This offers major benefits including:  

  • Increased connectivity: Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to any audio source that is Bluetooth enabled. This allows you to comfortably stream and hear audio from a number of sources, increasing connectivity and sound quality. 
  • Personalized listening experience: streaming audio directly from your TV, phone, laptop etc. means that your hearing aids can process these soundwaves to meet your specific hearing needs. This includes changing pitch, reducing unwanted noise, adjusting volume etc. which meets your hearing needs perfectly. This prevents you from having to adjust the device and arguing with others about that. This creates a personalized listening experience, tailored to support your hearing needs. 
  • Enhanced sound quality: Bluetooth hearing aids are designed to deliver sharp sound quality. Background noise is reduced and sounds are clarified which helps people hear with greater ease. 

If you are interested in Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, be sure to discuss this feature with your hearing healthcare specialist. This technology can optimally support your hearing health in your everyday life.