Untreated hearing loss in the USA costs $133 billion each year

Untreated hearing loss in the USA costs $133 billion each year

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Roselynn Gamboa Young, Au.D., CCC-A

Hearing loss is more common than you might realize. If you struggle to hear, you’re one of nearly 40 million Americans who have hearing loss. Are you having a hard time hearing on the phone, or keep turning up the volume on the TV? Can you hear in conversations, or do you feel like you’re always one step behind? Hearing loss is becoming increasingly common, and the costs of hearing loss are also on the rise. In fact, untreated hearing loss in the USA costs $133 billion each year!

The High Costs of Hearing Loss

If you have untreated hearing loss, it’s costing you roughly $9,100 per year in health care costs. Are you aware of your hearing loss? Are you taking steps to look after your hearing health? Living with untreated hearing loss has a host of negative health outcomes, from a greater risk of trips and falls to more hospitalizations, and worse quality of life. Those with untreated hearing loss also experience more social isolation and depression, and even an earlier onset of dementia.

A study by Hear-it AISBL, an international, non-commercial organization based in Brussels, Belgium, collected data from a number of studies worldwide, examining the higher costs that go hand in hand with hearing loss. They found that people living with untreated hearing loss were less likely to have a stable job, and faced social isolation and a reduced quality of life. They weren’t able to focus on tasks, or be as successful in their personal and professional lives.

“The scientific report clearly demonstrates that untreated hearing loss is a major health issue and that untreated hearing loss has a huge economic and social impact on our society,” explains Secretary General from Hear-it AISBL, Kim Ruberg. “It also documents that checking your hearing and treating hearing loss pays, both for the individual and for society.” If you’re not treating your hearing loss, you may face high health care costs, and experience far worse things than the inability to communicate clearly.

Hearing Loss is More Common Than Ever

Rates of hearing loss continue to rise, and hearing loss is becoming more common than ever. While age-related hearing loss is the most prevalent, hearing loss is affecting seniors at younger ages. Not only that, but noise induced hearing loss is affecting Americans of all ages, whether from dangerously loud leisure activities, noisy jobsites, or even the daily noises on the commute to work or in crowded school hallways. People risk their hearing loss by over using personal listening devices, and turning up the volume to excessive levels to block out distracting background sounds. Many people also fail to realize the risks to their hearing, and don’t wear ear protection in noisy environments.

Early Treatment Is Key

If you have hearing loss, seeking treatment early is the key to great health outcomes, improved quality of life, and lower health care costs. The Hear-it AISBL study revealed that treating hearing loss with a quality pair of hearing aids, and wearing the hearing aids consistently, increased job efficiency, led to closer personal relationships and better communication, and higher rates of overall wellbeing.

Did you know that many Americans choose not to treat their hearing loss? With the costs of untreated hearing loss skyrocketing, more people should be seeking early treatment rather than living with hearing loss. Not only will they be saving their hearing, improving their relationships, and safeguarding their jobs, their wallets will also thank them.

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